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Autism Empowerment

Some of us are on the autism spectrum. All of us are on the human spectrum. At Autism Empowerment, we believe that all of us are deserving of love, acceptance and respect and that each one of us has gift and strengths to share with the world. Life isn't easy but we aim to make it better. Autism Empowerment is a passionate people-powered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization devoted to enriching and empowering the lives of children, teens, adults and families in the Autism and Asperger communities. Founded in Vancouver, WA in June 2011, our programs promote a culture of acceptance for all abilities. What makes us unique from other autism organizations is that our founders and each person on our Board of Directors are either on the autism spectrum or have autistic family members. The vision we work toward is culture change leading to a society that authentically accepts, includes and empowers all youth and adults on the autism spectrum, equipping each person to live their best life possible by pursuing the goals and dreams that matter most to them. Key Programs include: Spectrums Magazine (48 page quarterly print magazine serving the SW Washington and Portland metro area) Autism Serves Kids Care Club (volunteerism program) Autism Serves (volunteerism program for all ages) Support Groups for Youth, Parents and Adults Social/Game Nights for Youth, Teens and Adults Autism Enrichment Program - Multimedia training, education, resource referral and leadership development for advocates and family members
Autism Empowerment strives to be an organization able to serve youth and adults of all ages and abilities in all stages of life. We are looking to positively connect with new donors and strengthen relationships with existing donors. For the past six years, we have been volunteer-based, investing thousands of hours and the vast majority of our money into programs and services for youth, adults, and families within our community. Our grassroots organization was founded by a husband/wife team with 3 of 4 family members on the autism spectrum but it's never been about "them," it has been about "us," those of us on the autism spectrum and the human spectrum. We came to Autism Empowerment from a for-profit world and there has been a lot of learning along the way. We taught ourselves about the nonprofit world from the ground up and have immersed ourselves in learning opportunities. We are passionate and authentic. Our work ethic is strong. Our fundraising skills, particularly with individual donors is novice... and to be honest, it has been tough learning how to ask people for money. But we're here and we're trying and this calling of ours to serve the autism community in a proactive and positive way is here to stay. We need your help. We need a safe and secure location to host a wide range of support groups, service activities, educational training and social activities. We need a place for youth and adults on the autism spectrum to create. We need employment opportunities for adults. We need a place where we can hire paid staff. We need a place where families can connect meaningfully and know they're not alone. Thank you so much for your consideration!
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