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Black Lives Matter - Vancouver, WA

Being pro-Black does not mean being anti-white. It is a call to make all lives matter by looking at disparities and working toward equity. In a community that is 87.1% white and 2.2% Black, equity needs special attention. Please help Black Lives Matter bring equity to our community. Our fundraising efforts are to simply make Black Lives Matter here in Clark County. Our bigger ask is not for your money. We'd rather have your support. Black History Month in Clark County School in 2018. Will you support this? Or at least let us give you more information about why Black History Month in our school is crucial for white children as it is for other children of all races... and of course for Black children Please email [email protected] and put "BHM 2018" in the subject line
We have goals that also require money. The question we are asked the absolute most is, "Where are all the Black people?" Having had to consider the question so often, we realize the underlying question is, "Why can't we grow the Black community here?" It's a bigger discussion than we can have here :) We need money to create community education and discussion so that we can find solutions together from an informed perspective. We would like to hire facilitators, pay for space and food. We can sometimes have all of these things donated. When we can not we would like to be able to afford them. An absolute dream is to be able to help people with housing expenses. We get requests by can rarely help. Many organizations and churches run out of money frequently, especially in the winter.
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