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Bloodworks Northwest

Five years ago, if you had seen Scott, the first thing you would have noticed about him was probably his beard. It was pink. In 2012, Scott’s wife, Holly, was diagnosed with stage 3 invasive breast cancer. One conversation. Ten minutes. And everything had changed. Suddenly every priority falls second place to something we hardly think about until it affects us…. our health. Prior to learning of his wife’s diagnosis, Scott had begun donating blood with Bloodworks Northwest. Because of his build and terrific veins, the staff inquired about him donating platelets during future visits. The next time he came in to donate, he gave platelets. Forty-five minutes later he was done, and just like that, he was a regular platelet donor. Fast forward to Holly’s diagnosis and treatment. Scott began to look forward to those visits that essentially became a therapy session for him. Imagine giving the very thing that your wife needs to live!? It didn't take long for the staff where he donated to become friends and a newfound support system. In addition, he began to cross paths with others affected by cancer and could recognize what platelet collection meant not only for their lives but for Holly’s as well. After receiving her initial and only transfusion, Holly went from being a zombie to full of life. At the time, donating was a way to help his wife. It was the small something he could do to 'right' the situation. With Holly now cancer free, Scott continues to donate. Why? Because “You never know when the person sitting right next to you is going to need blood. I donate so that anyone who needs it, has it.”
Cancer patients are the number one user of blood and Bloodworks Northwest provides 100% of all blood used by hospitals in Clark and Cowlitz Counties. Help us help your neighbor. How can you help? Bloodworks Northwest is raising money to bring a new bloodmobile to Vancouver and we’re inviting community members to join us. When you support the replacement of the Vancouver bloodmobile, you’re not only saving a life, you’re advocating for that return to normalcy that we need to fully overcome a potentially life changing event. Mobile apheresis enables Bloodworks Northwest to collect parts of blood (red blood cells, plasma, and platelets) in order to save the lives of those experiencing debilitating illnesses and more often than not, cancer. Your donation allows those able to donate a way to do so in the convenience of their neighborhood and the chance to save numerous lives. Thank you for supporting Community, for supporting life as we know it.
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