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Bridgeview connects low-income families with education, employment, healthcare, and other vital supports through more than 100 community partners that share our perspective…..and our network is growing. We are building the Bridgeview Education and Employment Resource Center – a central hub of service delivery for our community partners – will strengthen access to, and effectiveness of, supports necessary to break the cycle of poverty.
We are asking for donations for our Trajectory of Success Fund. Help us reach $2,500. Low-income persons often face many barriers, large and small, to getting a job or continuing their education. Bridgeview can help provide what might seem like everyday things that are vital someone’s success. According to Bridgeview Executive Director, Jan Wichert, “Sometimes an amount as low as $50 can put a low-income person on the trajectory of success.” Your donation will help us assist our clients. A $25 donation provides gasoline to get a person to a job interview. $62 provides a monthly bus pass to get a person to and from work until they receive their first paycheck. $137 purchases specific tools or uniforms to start a job. $263 buys tires, or assists with car repair, to maintain reliable transportation for a working family. (Tires are a VERY common request.) $527 provides dental work or glasses, often not covered by insurance, but essential to obtain or maintain employment.
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