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Children's Justice and Advocacy Center

CJAC serves victims of child abuse and their families. Our mission is to provide children who have experienced sexual or physical abuse a coordinated community approach to the investigation, prosecution, and treatment of child abuse that promotes their safety, healing, and well-being. Our child-friendly center and our staff serve as first responders in allegations of all types of child maltreatment. CJAC leads the Cowlitz County Multi-Disciplinary Team's response works to reduce the impact of child abuse by bringing together law enforcement, child protection, prosecution, mental health, medical, and victim advocacy professionals in a child-friendly setting to investigate abuse and, most importantly, to help children heal from trauma. CJAC reduces the negative health outcomes associated with child abuse by our therapeutic response to victims. Often times, children take the first step in a lifelong journey to healing during their initial visit to CJAC.
One of our goals for this campaign is to increase the scope of access that our families have to mental health and counseling services, regardless of insurance or financial barriers. It is our hope that all of the children we serve, as well as their siblings and parents, have access to free counseling.
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