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Clark County Volunteer Lawyer Program

The U.S. Constitution guarantees that people who cannot afford an attorney in a criminal case may be appointed one. Unfortunately, this guarantee does not exist for legal assistance in civil cases. Civil legal issues include those related to family law (divorce, custody, guardianship), domestic violence, landlord-tenant disputes, overwhelming debt and bankruptcy, consumer fraud, veteran's issues, and those faced by seniors or people living with a disability. Founded in 1990, Clark County Volunteer Lawyers Program (CCVLP) provides legal aid to low income members of our community. We do this through the exclusive use of volunteer attorneys and with the support of funding from our community.
Despite having a wide net of volunteers faithfully engaged in our cause, we require a great deal of the few administrative staff we employ. Additionally, despite serving clients in a variety of areas of law, we still have not met the need-and are completely absent programs of certain needs. With increased funding we can support our program staff to develop and implement elder law and early parenthood programs as well as expand our services for clients facing evictions.
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