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Council for the Homeless

Since 1989, Council for the Homeless has worked both top down and bottom up to prevent and end homelessness. "Top down" through coordinating the homeless response system across multiple agencies and by efforts to end the affordable housing crisis. "Bottom up" by operating the Housing Solutions Center - the one-stop access point and first point of contact for families and individuals who are homeless getting them the right help at the right time. We believe a home is the foundation for a healthy and successful life!
Your donation today will help people move step-by-step from homelessness to home. And, your gift will be matched up to $5500! $5000 of this generous match is from an anonymous community donor and $500 is from the Marty Forsmann Charitable Fund at the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington! Your gift makes it possible for us to assist people living on the street, in a car, in a tent, or in a shelter move to a safe and stable home. On average, this takes approximately $1500. That stable home allows them to make progress in their lives, maintain a job, go to school, access health care, and address the issues that led to their homelessness - setting them up for a brighter future. THANK YOU in advance for powering our work providing housing and stability for people in need - seniors, Veterans, families, and more - in Clark County.
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