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Ethnic Support Council

The Ethnic Support Council is a small non-profit agency that helps immigrants, people with limited English skills and organizations that serve those populations. The agency, which is located at 311 Oak St. in Kelso, is currently understaffed and needs to keep the office open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday as much as is possible during the temporary employee shortage. When fully staffed, the agency has three full-time employees, a part-time executive director who serves pro bono, a part-time office assistant and volunteers. The three full-time positions are a bilingual services manager, an AmeriCorps member and an advocate for Hispanic victims of sexual assault or domestic violence.
Due to a reduction in grant funding since 2014, ESC had to lay off the part-time office assistant in 2015. More recently, the victim advocate left this summer after her husband got a job in California. The AmeriCorps member assigned to the agency had to resign from the program in early September due to a health issue. The most pressing need is to restore the part-time office assistant position to help with staffing while the agency to hire a new victim advocate. The Cowlitz AmeriCorps Network is in the process of recruiting a new bilingual (English-Spanish) member to assign to ESC. All donations are greatly appreciated!
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