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FISH of Cowlitz County

Do you want your donation to buy essential goods and services for people in financial crisis? Then donate to FISH of Cowlitz County, an all-volunteer nonprofit that’s been helping people since 1971 — and doing it all without ever having an employee. None of your donation will go to administrative expenses, which are fixed and average less than 4% a year. Here’s a partial list of what 340 volunteers helped FISH accomplish last year: -Give away food five days a week to 24,073 people, 38% of them children. -Pay for 428 prescriptions for people without insurance -Help 313 families with overdue water bills to keep water running -Help119 households keep power turned on -Get emergency dental care for 56 people, and dentures for 11 -Buy propane for 119 low-income people who need it to heat and cook -Help fund dental clinics that treated 188 low-income adults -Pay for 118 vaccinations for people without insurance. -Help 53 adults get an eye exam and glasses FISH does all its work via phone. People call the FISH phone line to get help. Calls are forwarded to volunteers who work from home. In the morning, they tell people how to get food from one of 18 churches that partner with FISH. Our afternoon volunteers help people with a variety of emergencies related to health care needs and essential utility services. For more details about FISH, please visit our website: Thank you for taking the time to read about FISH. We hope you like us enough to donate.
Because FISH responds to a wide variety of emergencies, its board has determined that proceeds from Give More 24! will be used when and where the need arises. If more people need food, we’ll buy more. If there’s a spike in demand for help with water or power bills, we’ll use it there. Last winter, during a long cold spell, our calls for propane more than doubled. People in RVs and trailers were burning more propane to keep warm. Lately FISH has helped an unusually high number of people with items or training they need to start a job — nonskid shoes, steel-toed boots, black pants and white shirts (which we buy from a thrift store), food handler permits and licenses to become CNAs. When people need help, FISH is nimble enough to respond immediately to emerging needs. For instance, it’s the only agency in Cowlitz County that can fill a prescription for someone who needs it the day he or she calls. We work with a variety of merchants that bill FISH for what they provide our clients.
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