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FISH of Vancouver

Driven by compassion, dignity and respect, and empowered by committed volunteers, the Mission of FISH of Vancouver is to provide nutritious food for community members in need. Hunger is a serious issue in Vancouver. As housing costs soar, less money is available for food. FISH of Vancouver works to combat hunger for families and individuals through our emergency food and clothing pantry in west Vancouver. Our clients live in Vancouver’s poorest neighborhoods. The children we serve attend schools where as many as 90% of the students are qualified for free or reduced-price lunches – an indicator of poverty. Our Mission is to make sure that no family or individual in our area goes hungry. To do this, we distribute 500,000-750,000 pounds of food each year to hungry households and people without homes, serving approximately 1350-1700 households per month.
Every weekday, a line forms at FISH of Vancouver for hungry residents in need of food. Your donation, which will be matched by other donors, will help us broaden our support for Vancouver’s most vulnerable residents including infants and children, families and elderly, veterans and people without homes who are served daily by our compassionate volunteers. And your donation will help us continue reaching more hungry families through partnerships with Vancouver school mobile food pantries and other organizations. When you donate to FISH of Vancouver, you help fill cupboards, feed children and keep our families healthy. YOUR GIFT AND IMPACT WILL BE DOUBLED BY OUR MATCHING FUNDS! Thank you for your support!
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