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Fort Vancouver National Trust

The Fort Vancouver National Trust has undergone a re-brand. It is now The Historic Trust. It is an exciting time of change and growth. The Historic Trust is building upon its successes and expertise gained over the past 19 years, to bring new programs and perspectives to our community. 1. We’re defining our community as the region where the roots of our history extend. With opportunities for enhanced collaborative roles, we are establishing new local and regional partnerships with other organizations interested in preserving and interpreting history and making it more relevant in today’s fast-paced world. 2. We purchased the Providence Academy in 2015 with tremendous community support. We intend to expand our preservation services to include other regional historically significant facilities. 3. We are building on the successful model of experiential education programs at the Pearson Field Education Center to inspire new opportunities at the intersection of history and education. We’re an organization with rich history and purpose, encouraging new ideas and perspectives. When the Trust originated in 1998, the purpose of the organization was to restore and preserve the historic properties of the Historic Reserve. Today, with an expanding mission beyond the original purpose, it was time for a change. Its about looking at something familiar with fresh eyes. Opening our minds. Seeing possibilities by seeing what others saw. Feeling connections with the people who came before us.
Support The Historic Trust during GiveMore24! and you’ll be supporting new, innovative, and interactive programming; greater volunteer opportunities; more meaningful patriotic celebrations; broadened career horizons for kids; and expert stewardship of beloved historic properties. New name, new energy, new ideas.Join the thousands of visitors who take part in our patriotic programs and events. Support STEM education camps and classes. Contribute to the restoration of iconic buildings, tying the present to the past. Give to The Historic Trust today!
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