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Free Clinic of Southwest Washington

To provide and facilitate access to free, compassionate, quality health care for children and adults who are otherwise unable to obtain such services. Funding for medical supplies, medications, glucometers, dental materials & supplies, office supplies (printing paper, pens).
One patient's story: Sandra is a single mom with a young son. She worked hard, spent time with her boy and did her best to make ends meet. Then the words “you have cancer” sent her into a tailspin. “I dropped into a deep, dark hole,” says Sandra. “I thought, ‘I’m a good person - why did this happen to me?’” Sandra found help, and hope, through the Free Clinic’s donor-supported project access program. Project access connects physician volunteers in the community with low-income, uninsured patients like Sandra. Volunteers supported Sandra through the rigors of x-rays, ultrasounds, a colonoscopy and three surgeries to remove cancerous tumors. Sandra’s been cancer-free for three years. She still struggles with depression, but she says the deep hole is no longer quite so dark. “If you’ve given money to the Free Clinic, you’ve changed the way I look at life,” she says. “Your gift helped me be here for my son. I am so thankful to everyone who brought me back to the light.”
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