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Furry Friends

"I love cats because I love my home and after a while they become its visible soul." - Jean Cocteau Cats are the beloved family members of more than one third of the homes in Clark County. Many are relinquished to us due to abandonment or to unexpected changes in the lives of their owners. The majority of these cats only need basic medical care; there are, however, some who require costly, extraordinary medical treatment before they are ready for adoption. As a no-kill organization, we take the responsibility of caring for these precious lives seriously. In 2016, we spent $46,457 on veterinary bills and medical supplies.
Furry Friends is asking for YOUR support to help cover the extraordinary medical bills of cats like Dash and Nova. Dash is a naturally happy, friendly four-year-old Russian Blue cat who likes to hop onto the back of anyone daring to bend over in his company. A volunteer favorite, he loves attention, and if he had his way, he would sit on your lap all day long. But due to painful and chronic oral disease, he has become despondent and spends the majority of his days sleeping. Your support will allow us to spend the estimated $2,280 to treat his painful condition. Nova is a beautiful white cat with one blue eye and one yellow eye, who came to us with severe dental disease. His oral treatment alone was more than $2,580, but it was worth the cost to see him feeling better and climbing his way up to his comfy window-sill bed. This year we are pleased to announce that Julie Baldino of Front Door Realty is providing matching funds up to $2,000, making every dollar YOU donate go even further! YOUR contributions toward the medical costs of cats like Dash and Nova will allow us to continue helping other deserving cats regain their health and find their loving “furever” homes.
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