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Lelooska Foundation

The Lelooska Foundation was organized in 1977 to preserve and encourage the study of the rich cultural heritage of the Native Peoples of North America. For over 30 years the Foundation has served as an educational resource for students, parents, teachers and the general public of Washington and Oregon. The living history programs have been presented for more than five decades by the Lelooska Family. Magnificent Northwest Coast masks come to life in the glimmering firelight. The Lelooska Family shares songs, dances, stories and masks which display the rights, crests, and privileges bestowed on them by the late Chief James Aul Sewid. Chief Tsungani carries on the traditions of his brother, the late Chief Lelooska, performing with other family members each spring and fall. The museum collection holds artifacts which belong to the Estate of Chief Lelooska, various Lelooska Family members and the Lelooska Foundation Permanent Collection. These items are many and varied including baskets, parfleches, corn husk bags, dolls, spoons, cradles, moccasins, tomahawks, pipes, pipe bags, dresses, a 15 foot birch bark canoe and entire replica fur trade store fully furnished to the period. There are artifacts from every region, the Northwest, Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and the Arctic. Many scholars have remarked that the museum collection is one of the largest and most diverse collections of Native American artifacts collected by a Native American family. Through the years we have found that the experience of attending the program and visiting the museum collection has a lasting impact. Many teachers and people in all walks of life still remember visiting in the 3rd grade. Many of them return with their children and grandchildren to share this important experience. Through our living history programs and the Lelooska Museum collection we are able to offer an unparalleled resource in Southwest Washington.
We are grateful for your support of our educational programs and activities that serve over 10,000 guests each year. In addition to operating support we are seeking donations to implement several new projects with our museum collection to help with cataloging and preservation.
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