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Farm Dog Bakery/Life Works

Transforming lives by building the capacity of individuals, families, organizations, and the community to thrive and achieve their goals regardless of personal challenge; promoting self-determination, dignity, and respect; creating opportunities for living, learning, working, and personal growth.
Give More 24 is helping Life Works to support the Farm Dog Bakery vocational program that assist children and adults experiencing a developmental disability to learn work skills, and gain confidence to live and work in the community. Our Bakery has been open since 2003 and we just keep growing. Our workers are people with the need of special support and vocational training. We provide training for our workers so they can learn how to be more self-sufficient. However it is our workers who make the real difference. The pride our workers get from making the treats is hard to describe. ​ We would like to invite you to our store located at 1217 14th Ave, in Longview by Moonlight Bay Tanning so you can see how the process works. We also invite you to look at our testimonial page so we you can truly read and feel how Farm Dog Bakery makes a difference in our workers lives. ​
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