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Nonprofit Network Southwest Washington

Smart nonprofits, like smart business, are continually seeking new and improved ways to serve their clients. Business has over 30 local organizations (chambers, business groups, professional associations, etc.) to help them, but only the Nonprofit Network is specific to the nonprofit industry and our community. Since 2008 the Nonprofit Network has • Worked with 693 unique nonprofits, connecting them to funding, information, volunteers, and each other! • Provided 126 educational workshops on topics such as finance, fundraising, HR, legal compliance, grant writing, advocacy, and much more • Created 105 information-filled e-newsletters. Our emails go to 3,000 subscribers each month Our Members believe in us! We have over 100 paid nonprofit members and a retention rate of over 92%. We work with an additional 100+ groups each year. We need YOU to believe in us too! Together we can help ensure nonprofits have the information and education resources they need to be smart and effective.
Help! We need to update and upgrade our tech and tools! A new office computer and software updates including a membership database are needed as we continue to grow!
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