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Northwest Mothers Milk Bank

Our mission is to improve the health and survival of the Northwest's most vulnerable babies. Our mission is based on the belief that every baby deserves access to human milk. Since opening our doors in 2013, Northwest Mothers Milk Bank (NWMMB) has experienced unprecedented community support. Over 1900 local women have been carefully screened as milk donors through our nationally certified process allowing the bank to collect, pasteurize and dispense over 680,000 ounces of human donor milk to 64 hospitals in Washington, Oregon and across the Pacific Northwest.
NWMMB is seeking financial support to purchase a large- volume, refrigerated centrifuge. This specialized equipment will be used to help fragile infants who are suffering from cardiac and gastrointestinal disorders and require a low-fat or no-fat breastmilk diet as they recover from complicated surgeries. Currently, no readily available local resource exists for skimmed or low-fat breastmilk. Babies throughout the Pacific Northwest with acute medical needs will have immediate access to this important resource! Tara Jones, local pediatric dietitian and lactation consultant states, "The work done by the Northwest Mother’s Milk Bank is an invaluable asset to our community, and the addition of this equipment will allow them to benefit an even greater number of families. Reaching this goal will impact the health and happiness of the patients I work with every day."
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