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Options360° Clinic

Options360° provides medical and educational services to equip individuals to make informed decisions related to pregnancy, and sexual health.
When she walked through our doors Sara was sullen. There was no light in her beautiful blue eyes. No smile to grace her suntanned face. She believed she was pregnant and needed to know how far along she was in order to end her pregnancy. She met with an RN. Her situation was bleak and the thought of bringing a child into the world frightened her deeply. During her appointment, she received a pregnancy test and ultrasound. She chose not to view the images on the screen that day but left with a picture in an envelope. Women like Sara come through our doors every day. They are frightened about the unknown ahead of them. They are looking for information and non-judgemental support. Your gift of $92 made it possible for Sara to receive the ultrasound needed that day. Unplanned pregnancies happen every day. Every story is unique. Each woman in need of the care Sara received. Your gift of $92 makes it possible for more Sara's to receive what they are looking for. Medical information about their pregnancy. Non-judgemental support. The opportunity to make an informed decision.
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