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Partners in Careers

Partners In Careers (PIC) is a nonprofit organization that strives to create self–sufficiency through specialized job training and employment services. This is accomplished by helping people break through barriers to employment, which often means addressing generational poverty. PIC serves low-income parents who want to create stability for themselves and their children, refugees and immigrants looking for a new life in the United States, seniors living at the poverty line, homeless veterans wanting to reintegrate into civilian life, and young people struggling to graduate high school or receive their GED in order to build a better future. PIC connects job seekers to workforce skills and jobs in partnership with local businesses and community members focused on building a strong, healthy community.
Through Give More 24 we would like to raise funds for training wages for homeless veterans to gain work experience through the Roots to Road farming program. Each summer 8-10 veterans are engaged in learning more about small scale farming and reintegrating into civilian life. The number of those veterans that can receive wages for their work depends on the amount of money we raise each year for the program. With your help, more homeless veterans can rebuild their lives through employment. Many of the youth we work with ages 16-24 need support for transportation in order to explore different career paths. Funds raised through Give More 24 would be used to transport youth to worksite tours of local businesses, visit local colleges, and participate in community service projects. Without this support, many students would be unable to participate in these important and impactful career exploration activities.
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