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Pink Lemonade Project

Pink Lemonade Project is dedicated to educating, empowering, and supporting those affected by breast cancer in the Southwest Washington and Portland Metro area. Our purpose is to provide women with the tools that enable them to thrive throughout their breast cancer journey.
Support is crucial to create a breast cancer thriver. Most people who have been through breast cancer describe two lives: Life before breast cancer and life after breast cancer. Even those who have finished treatment with a good prognosis are troubled with a number of thoughts: How can I stay healthy post-cancer? Who am I now? What are my new or renewed priorities? How can I help my loved ones understand how I feel? Our Revive Retreat series provides breast cancer survivors a 3-day escape to to address those exact issues. Many survivors that have attended our retreats describe them as "life changing'. We currently offer our Revive Retreats free of cost and have a waiting list for every retreat. There is clearly a need for our retreats and we want to offer more of them. Every breast cancer survivor should have the opportunity to thrive. We are working hard to make it possible to add more retreats to our retreat line-up next year and going forward. You can help by contributing to our cause on September 21st.
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