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Prevent Together: Battle Ground Prevention Alliance

Prevent Together: Battle Ground Prevention Alliance is a coalition of community members working together to promote positive healthy decisions; and prevent and reduce youth substance abuse in the Battle Ground community. We believe that local problems require local solutions. We have learned this is what works to prevent youth substance abuse; and that substance abuse prevention is the responsibility of the entire community. We do this by: • Supporting youth in making healthy decisions • Working to reduce access to youth alcohol and marijuana • Providing education about the impact of marijuana use, in particular the developing adolescent brain • Supporting families in educating their youth about underage drinking and marijuana use • Engaging youth in prevention activities • Working with all sectors of the community One thing we know for sure: Connection is the best prevention!
The good news is that the majority of teens still report that their parents ―not their peers or the media―have the biggest influence on their decision to stay away from alcohol and drugs. Our research shows that kids who learn about the risks of drugs from their parents are 50% less likely to use drugs and alcohol than those who do not; yet only 30% of teens report learning about the effects of drugs and alcohol from their parents. Prevent Together’s goal is to get more parents talking to their kids about these important topics; and to limit access to alcohol, marijuana and prescription in their homes. Youth get drugs from family and friends. We have developed a memorable, inspirational, contagious, engaging, and fun campaign to reach out to parents and our community. Talking Points is just that; a campaign to get everyone talking about this important information and provide positive support and encouragement to our youth to stay drug-free and live healthy lives. Your support will help us reach more parents and youth with this important and life-saving information.
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