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Share, its board of directors, staff and volunteers, as well as our donors and supporters, share a passion and vision for our organization: creating a better today and hopeful future for homeless and low-income individuals and families. The financial gifts that fund this goal come from many sources—individual donors, corporate sponsors, grants, local, state and federal government, planned giving and special events—in quantities both large and small. It’s this combined generosity that amplifies our voice as a leader in the fight against hunger and homelessness and as an advocate for affordable housing. The vision, planning and hard work that place Share at the forefront of improving the lives of individuals and families who face hunger, are homeless or struggle to find affordable housing continues with your support.
Your donation can give a family a place to sleep tonight. The slide into homelessness can come quicker than you think: a loss of a job, a cut in work hours or a medical emergency. Share’s family shelters provide 573 unduplicated people – including 293 children – with a safe, warm place to sleep each year. Those individuals also meet with case managers to find and connect with needed resources to help build a way back home.
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