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Sonshine Christian Elementary School

Sonshine Christian Elementary School is a nonprofit, nationally accredited Christian school, serving families with children in kindergarten through 5th grades in Vancouver. Our mission is to work together with families to provide a high quality, individualized, Christian education that prepares children physically, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually to impact their world for Christ. To fulfill this mission, Sonshine evangelizes and disciples; educates students using individualized, high quality, holistic, and diverse education; uses interactive technology; follows state and national standards; enriches students’ experiences through hands on education; and provides a safe environment. The curriculum at Sonshine is well balanced to teach the whole student. It focuses on the basics of math, reading, writing, science and social studies along with Bible, music art, technology, library, Spanish, sign language, physical education and chapel. Sonshine’s students grow intellectually and emotionally in their relationships with peers and teachers. Moreover, the small class sizes with an emphasis on technology and arts provides students with individualized instruction that prepares them to impact their world.
Sonshine is raising money to expand and improve the students’ outdoor play area allowing students to play sports, walk, and jog during recesses and physical education classes. Our students need an area where they can play and exercise. For the past five years, this space was confined to an asphalt parking lot converted to a play area, a small field, and a playground shared with the preschool that also needs upgrades. Funds raised during Give More 24! will be dedicated to creating a useable green space, replacing and renovating existing playgrounds, and purchasing new sports equipment for their physical education classes.
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