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Villages Clark County

Villages Clark County is part of the national "villages" movement ( and part of the Villages NW ( in Portland. We are a membership organization that will help seniors stay living in their homes for as long as they can by bringing trained and vetted volunteers into their homes to do the types of things you would ask an adult child to do but your adult child lives in another state. Things like errands, chores, rides and busting up the isolation problem by getting seniors back into our communities with a variety of activities.
Our goal is to help us open our doors in 2018. We need first year operating costs of $20,000-$30,000. Even though we are a membership organization staffed mostly by volunteers we will still have expenses: office, computer, p/t staff, phone, website, marketing and publicity to get members, utilities, insurance, training for volunteers/drivers, etc. We have approximately $5,000 now mostly as a result of a grant from Kaiser, the rest has come from our self-supporting volunteers on our planning committee (10 people). The volunteers on our planning committee financially support the group by donating $120/year, if they are financially able to do so. Some volunteers have generously donated more by underwriting a variety of our expenses. Low income volunteers have also financially supported the group based on their income.
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