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Why should I make a donation at Give-More-24.org on September 22?
We encourage you to support local nonprofits by giving year-round, but think of Give More 24! as our region's very own charitable holiday. It's a day to celebrate the spirit of giving that makes our community stronger, and to support the important work of our local nonprofits. Plus, gifts made through Give More 24! are amplified by our matching pool. Your gift also has the power to qualify your favorite nonprofit for one of our numerous prizes.

Who can make a donation on Give More 24?
Anyone can make a donation to a nonprofit that has a profile on Give-More-24.org. You do not have to have a fund at the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington. You can even reside outside of southwest Washington and still donate. As long as you care about southwest Washington, you can Give More 24!

Can I send in a check?
Cash or check gifts will not be applied to Give More 24! totals due to verification requirements. For 24 hours, starting at 12 a.m. on September 22, you can go to Give-More-24.org and use your credit card to donate to more than 100 participating nonprofits. You can search for nonprofits by name, service category or location. Every nonprofit involved in Give More 24! serves the community of southwest Washington and has a unique Give More 24! donation page to demonstrate their mission. Once you find a nonprofit to support, you can then choose your contribution amount - starting as low as $10.

Is my gift tax deductible?
Give More 24! donations are 100% tax deductible. Immediately after making your contribution, you will receive a confirmation email from the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington. This email will include the necessary tax information, so make sure to save this correspondence for your records. By selecting a specific charity to receive your donation, your gift is restricted for that charity alone and will not be given to any other nonprofit. Donors cannot designate their gifts for specific nonprofit projects or programs.

What is the minimum and maximum donation amounts?
The minimum donation amount for Give More 24! is $10, but there is no limit to how much you can give. All gifts made through Give-More-24.org are non-refundable.

Does it cost anything to give on Give-More-24.org?
There is no fee to you as a donor. You will receive an immediate thank you and tax receipt for 100% of your donation. There are standard credit card processing and management fees applied to your gift, which will be withheld from the final disbursement to nonprofit organizations.

How much of my donation goes to the nonprofit?
As with all gifts made via credit or debit card, there is a transaction fee involved. After taking credit card and service fees into account, 92% of your donation will go to benefit the nonprofit of your choosing. These fees are deducted from the amount donated to the nonprofit, but do not apply to the prize dollars and matching funds participating organizations receive.

Does the Community Foundation receive any portion of the donations or fees?
No, the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington does not receive any portion of your donation or the related transaction fees. However, the Community Foundation will be eligible for donations and match dollars as a participating charity in Give More 24!

What organizations are participating in the day of giving?
Verified 501(c)(3) public charities that provide services in Clark, Cowlitz or Skamania Counties are invited to register for Give More 24! The Community Foundation will verify that each participant is recognized by the IRS as qualified recipients of tax-deductible gifts in compliance with IRS 990 requirements. All organizations wishing to participate must begin registration by June 30, 2016. For a list of participating organizations, please visit our Give More 24! Leaderboard.

Can I give to more than one organization?
You may make multiple donations to nonprofits. However, only registered nonprofits will be eligible to receive gifts through Give-More-24.org. There are three ways to make your gifts through Give More 24!

1. On the homepage of Give-More-24.org, there will be a multi-give donation form that allows you to submit your payment information once and give to multiple organizations.

2. Every nonprofit also has a unique Give More 24! donation or profile page. The form available on this page will allow you to give to the featured nonprofit.

3. Participating nonprofits can also post donation forms on their homepages. To ensure that your gift counts toward the event total, make sure that the form you use has a Give More 24! logo.

What if I can't find my favorite nonprofit on the Give More 24! site?
While we encourage participation in Give More 24!, nonprofits are not required to join. If you wish to support a nonprofit that is not registered for Give More 24! then you cannot donate to it through Give-More-24.org. However, we are happy to assist you with your charitable giving outside of Give More 24! We can even try to convince your favorite nonprofits to participate in future Give More 24! events. Please email us at givemore24@cfsww.org for more information.

Is my gift safe and secure?
Yes. The Give-More-24.org website is powered by KIMBIA, and is a secure PCI-Level 1 compliant site for donating to your favorite charities. You can be sure that your personal information is protected when you donate through Give-More-24.org, or any Give More 24! donation form on a registered nonprofit's website. For more information, please read KIMBIA's Privacy Policy.

Can I make a Give More 24! gift through my fund at the Community Foundation?
Yes. Donations made via a fund held at the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington can count toward Give More 24! and will not be subject to transaction fees. For more information on how to make Give More 24! donations through your fund please contact Mary Pringle, Chief Financial Officer at the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington.

How will I be recognized as a donor?
You will receive an immediate thank you and a tax receipt from the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington. The nonprofit(s) you support can also send a personal thank you note as well. If you prefer not to be recognized, you can choose to make an anonymous contribution at Give-More-24.org. Anonymous donors will receive a tax receipt, but will not receive a thank you from the nonprofit organization to which they contribute.

May I get a refund if there is an error with my donation?
Yes. While chartable donations made on Give-More-24.org are irrevocable, we will process refunds if there are extenuating circumstances related to the transaction. Please contact us by 1:00 p.m. on Monday, September 26 if you have an issue with your donation, and we will review your individual case. If the donation has already been disbursed to the charity(ies) you designated, you will need to contact the charity(ies) directly to request a refund. The Community Foundation for Southwest Washington cannot guarantee that a charity will refund your donation as this decision is entirely at the discretion of the participating charity.


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What organizations are eligible to participate?
Every participating organization must have projects or programs that actively engage with and serve residents of Clark, Cowlitz or Skamania Counties. Each must be recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) public charity, a qualified recipient of tax-deductible gifts. The only exception to this rule is when a public charity serves as fiscal sponsor for an unqualified organization.

Why should our organization participate?
Give More 24! provides opportunities for your organization to:

  • Raise awareness about its mission
  • Receive matching funds and prize dollars
  • Build online fundraising skills and capacity
  • Benefit from regional, joint publicity efforts
  • Reach new donors and grow donations

What is required for an organization to participate? Is there a fee?
Registration is required for participation. This includes payment of a tiered participation fee and submission of a signed Agreement of Understanding form. Beyond these steps, every organization should prepare to devote time and energy to promoting Give More 24! among its donors and social networks. The Community Foundation will provide a Give More 24! Toolkit to support participating organizations in this effort.

Can donors send in checks during Give More 24!?
Cash or check gifts will not be applied to Give More 24! totals due to verification requirements. Thus, we encourage nonprofits to use laptops or tablets to process in-person donations via the Give-More-24.org website. Give More 24! donations must be made during the 24-hour giving period, starting at 12 a.m. on September 22 and ending at 11:59:59 p.m. on September 22. All donations made through Give-More-24.org, or via registered Give More 24! donation forms, will be automatically added to your giving day total.

How does the “stretch pool” work?
Every dollar raised by your organization, including both individual gifts and confirmed match gifts, will be stretched with a pool of generous gifts provided by individual and corporate donors. Participating organizations will receive a pro-rated portion of this stretch pool before fees, prizes and stretch pool dollars are applied. This stretch amount will be determined after the final donations are received on September 22. For example, if an organization receives 3% of the total donations raised during the Give More 24! that organization will receive 3% of the stretch pool. Thus, this stretch pool may not be a one-for-one match. The Community Foundation is still soliciting contributions for the 2016 day of giving, but the equation below can be used to visualize how the stretch pool works.


How do the prizes work?
Every organization participating in Give More 24! has the chance to win one or more of our numerous prizes. These prizes are awarded based upon pre-defined nonprofit and donor milestones during the 24-hour giving challenge. The full list of prizes will be available on the Give More 24! website closer to the day of the event. Each of these prizes will be awarded through an automated selection process housed within the KIMBIA giving day platform. Organizations are eligible to receive more than one prize.

If our organization has secured a matching gift, how are these dollars applied?
We encourage organizations to secure their own additional matching donors for Give More 24! If your organization secures such a gift you are required to submit a Matching Funds Agreement of Understanding. Only earned Matching Funds will be added to the participating nonprofit's total raised contributions, which is used to calculate the nonprofit's share of the stretch pool. During Give More 24! the Matching Funds figure on the nonprofit profile page will automatically update. Matching Funds will not be added to the event total until the match is verified complete by the Community Foundation.

How much of the donations go to my organization?
As with any credit card transaction, there is a standard transaction fee assessed by the credit card company of no more than 4%. Additionally, our crowdfunding platform provider, KIMBIA (a PCI Level 1 secure service provider) will charge 3.24% per transaction for its services. Thus, total transaction fees will not exceed 8%, which allows a minimum of 92% of each donation to go directly to your organization during the 24-hour period. As for prize and matching pool funds, your organization will receive 100% of any of these awards obtained during the event.

Can we encourage donations by giving away prizes or free gifts?
All gifts made during Give More 24! must be tax deductible. The IRS stipulates that in order for a gift to be considered tax deductible, “no goods or services are provided in return for the contribution.” However, a donor may receive a benefit that is inconsequential or insubstantial (token benefit) if one of the following tests is met:

  • The Fair Market Value of all benefits received in connection with the payment does not exceed 2% of the payment or $106 in 2016, whichever is less.
  • The payment/donation is at least $53 and in connection with it the donor receives only token benefits (bookmarks, calendars, mugs, posters, tee shirts, etc.) generally costing no more than $10.60 cumulative for the year.
  • The nonprofit mails or otherwise distributes free, unordered items to patrons (not based on an actual donation).

Gift cards are considered cash and can’t be given to a donor who makes a charitable gift. The gift cards could be used to purchase token benefit items (listed above) for donors as long as the gifts don’t cost more than the $10.60 limit.

How do donation receipts work? Does my organization need to send letters?
All donations made through the Give More 24! platform are tax deductible in the full amount (prior to any fees). All individuals who donate through the Give More 24! website will receive a tax receipt via email immediately after they make their contribution. Participating organizations should not send a tax receipt to any donors who give through the Give More 24! platform, but we do encourage you to acknowledge donations by following-up and thanking donors to let them know how their dollars are helping your cause. Also, make sure to acknowledge the full donation amount in any subsequent communications, whether those are “Thank You” messages or year-end reports.

Will my organization receive donor information, so that we can thank our supporters?
Yes. You will have access to donor information during and after the event. We also encourage you to thank them for their support.

How can I help make the day a success for my organization and our community?
After registering your organization, you should look for an email announcement about our Give More 24! Toolkit. In this, you’ll find resources like our Digital Communications Handbook, which includes sample promotional language and a timeline for communications. If you are not currently on social media, set up accounts for your organization now. Then, follow the Community Foundation on Facebook and Twitter. Finally, your creativity and energy will help make this day a success, so plan an event, make your messaging fun and prepare to make September 22 a big deal!

Can my organization host a special event?
Yes! We encourage you to plan an event, partner with other participating nonprofits, or connect with a local business to raise awareness about Give More 24! Use your existing partnerships and relationships to make sure that everyone knows to give on September 22. However, participants must submit a Certificate of Insurance to the Community Foundation prior to hosting any public event related to fundraising around Give More 24! The Certificate of Insurance must also name the Foundation as additional insured.

When will organizations receive their Give More 24! contributions?
You will receive all donations, matching funds and prize money in a single disbursement within 60 days of the event. All disbursements will be made by check, which will be mailed with a final distribution report for your organization.

What if our initial fundraising results differ from our final disbursement?
Although each nonprofit will be able to see their gifts in real time, please be aware that reconciliation must be completed and, even though gifts are considered nonrefundable, a donation can be revoked for a variety of reasons from the time of receipt to the time of disbursement. Therefore, donation “reports” cannot be considered final until the nonprofit receives the disbursement from the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington.

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